Happy Holidays, my amazing Friends and Family!

I hope and pray that your 2023 has been all you've wanted.

Ten years. It's been TEN years since we started this amazing journey together. And this year, we will officially be passing a cumulative total of $100,000!!

I'm so grateful to you all!

We're currently at $83,744! So we have $16,256 to go!

AND this year, the live event is FINALLY back and better than ever!

In case this is your first year joining's the story...

It all started with one little girl, and one small idea. Let me tell you about my niece, Fiona. Fiona was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at the age of 2. She fought LIKE A BOSS, for years, and is now a healthy 14 year old!

Once she was in remission, I asked my twin sister (Carrie, Fiona's mother), "How can I help families like ours? Who can I raise money for?" She immediately answered, "St Baldrick's. They are the BEST!"

So, I did. And here we are! 10 years later! Some of you may not be able to donate. We love you for even visiting this page. Thank you! If you CAN donate, as always, we are incredibly grateful. If you can't, God bless you and yours! Thank you so much. For anything and everything. Happy Holidays!

-Andy Mac and Friends